Myths around alcohol consumption were debunked by the American Council for Science and Health at the 9th European Beer & Health Symposium in September.

The Vice-President of Scientific Communications at the council, Alex Berezow, PH.D., slammed the media for exaggerating claims from some quarters in an effort o get more ‘shares’ and ‘clicks’, and because there is no incentive to write “reasonable, nuanced articles”.

“The truth (‘moderate consumption of alcohol is safe’) is boring,” he says, and the media wants something new and exciting.

He also slammed a Lancet study that concluded ‘the level of consumption that minimises health loss is zero’, saying this was not supported by their own data. He said the suggestion that alcohol control policies might need to be revised worldwide with a refocus on efforts to lower overall population-level consumption was just a political agenda.

Check out Dr Berezow’s presentation slides

ACSH’s mission is to”debunk ‘junk science’ and phony health claims in the mass media”. It promotes sound research and evidence-based policy and fights “crimes against science”.