Submission on changes to managing hazardous substances

11 October 2016

The Environment Protection Authority is now calling for submissions on a number of proposed changes to New Zealand’s system for managing hazardous substances.

The proposals are required as part of the Government’s Health and Safety Reform. The consultation document is divided into two parts. Part 1 relates to proposals for the rules for substances that are toxic to the environment. Most of these rules relate to the workplace use of agrichemicals. Part 2 relates to the availability, storage and use of hazardous substances outside the workplace in places such as the home. These proposed rules are intended to protect the general public from exposure to hazardous substances.

Submissions opened on 10 October and close on 21 November. After submissions have been analysed the EPA will be releasing an exposure draft that sets the proposed rules, and there will be an opportunity for a further say on the drafting of the notice.

For further details on the changes, go to the EPA website here, or to read the consultation document and to download a submission form, go here​.