Seminar on export certification to China, GCC

FGC and BusinessNZ are joining with MPI to host a seminar in Auckland on 22 February to discuss Processed Food Export Certification to China and the Gulf Cooperation Council.

This is by way of back-up preparation should current negotiations to exempt New Zealand exports from such certification not be achieved.

MPI will highlight the potential issues and seek members for a working group to explore solutions that could be implemented at relatively short notice, if the need arises. The target audience is companies processing and/or exporting non-animal food products under the Food Act 2014 principally for the GCC and China markets.

Though MPI tries to influence and negotiate to maintain the status quo (no export certification is required for China and the GCC), there should be preparations for the possibility that this will not be able to be achieved.

If export certification is needed, the most significant issues are to determine the minimum traceability necessary and the verification requirements needed to support such a system.

Registrations will open next year.