Food and Fibre Innovation for this Thursday

MPI’s 2017 Food and Fibre Innovation Conference will be held this Thursday, 30 November, in Wellington.

The theme this year is ‘Innovation – from Vision to Action’, and it will focus on how a business engages in innovation across its supply chain, from using inputs through to how products are processed, packaged, distributed and consumed.

MPI is bringing together an outstanding line-up of speakers from both New Zealand and overseas to share their perspectives and know-how on five key areas: examples of innovation that have been successfully adopted and scaled-up; impediments getting in the way of innovation in the food and fibre industries, and how to overcome them; how to identify and seize innovation opportunities; how to plan for innovation; how to finance innovation; how customer-centric innovation can add value; how innovation can improve sustainability outcomes.

Delegates to the conference will also be able to enter the PGP (Primary Growth Partnership) Expo, where they will see and experience first-hand the exciting range of PGP programmes under way, and the innovations they’re delivering across New Zealand’s primary sector value chains.

Registrations aren’t open yet, but members who want to receive email updates on the conference as they happen, can register by clicking here