Sugar taxes: controversial speaker for FGC event August 28

World renowned anti-prohibition campaigner Christopher Snowdon will speak exclusively to FGC members in Auckland on August 28. His subject: the growing calls for taxes on sugar and why such taxes do not work.

This is a rare opportunity for members to hear first-hand this controversial speaker. Christopher Snowdon is the Director of Lifestyle Economics at the Institute of Economic Affairs in London where his research focuses on lifestyle freedoms, prohibition, and policy-based evidence.

His work encompasses a diverse range of topics, including ‘sin taxes’, state funding of charities, happiness economics, public health regulation, gambling and the black market. Recent publications include The Proof of the Pudding: Denmark’s Fat Tax Fiasco, The Crack Cocaine of Gambling?, The Wages of Sin Taxes, Drinking in the Shadow Economy, Sock Puppets: How the government lobbies itself and why, and The Minimal Evidence for Minimum Pricing’ (with John C. Duffy). He is also the author of The Art of Suppression: Pleasure, Panic and Prohibition since 1800, The Spirit Level Delusion, and Velvet Glove, Iron Fist: A History of Anti-Smoking. He describes his work as focusing on “pleasure, prohibition and dodgy statistics”.

He will speak at a morning tea at the Langham from 10am-12pm. Members can register by emailing Kira Mikelatos.

To read a copy of the Proof of the Pudding report go to the Institute of Economic Affairs website here. Also, for findings from a new European Commission report on taxation of high sugar, salt and fat products, go here.