Groups hold seminars on food, drink

Two seminars of possible interest to FGC members promise to kick off 2014 on an interesting note.

One is the Wellington University Summer symposium with the title, which some may describe as loaded, of “Big Food: food policy, politics & population health”, to be held on on 17 February in Wellington. You can see the full programme on the conference website here.

The other, organised by FIZZ (Fight Sugar in Soft Drinks), some might predict is unlikely to be a discussion about the role of moderation in a diet or the enjoyment of soft drinks. This seminar, entitled “Sugary Drink Free Pacific by 2030?”, is scheduled for 19-20 February in Auckland.  The keynote speech will be delivered by Professor Robert “Sugar is Toxic” Lustig. For more info or to register, go to their website here.

FGC encourages members to attend and participate.