Gravida first in Breakfast Speaker Series

The first of FGC’s Health & Technical Working Group’s Breakfast Speaker Series will be held this Wednesday, 21 May, when the Director of Gravida, Professor Philip Baker, will give an overview of his organisation’s work in the high-value nutrition sector. The event will be in Auckland from 7.30am to 9am. For further details and to register, email Kira Mikelatos. Gravida is a government-funded Centre of Research Excellence that brings together biomedical, clinical and animal scientists from across New Zealand and around the world. Its internationally recognised research looks at how conditions encountered in early life affect the way a person grows and develops throughout life. Its aim is to advance the understanding of the underlying processes involved in these changes, both in human health and agricultural contexts, with a view to identifying their short- and long-term consequences for health and disease. It says it actively supports “the application of our findings in the clinical, agricultural, public policy and education sectors, to help bring economic and social benefits to all New Zealanders”.