About FGC

A strong voice for fast moving consumer goods

The New Zealand Food & Grocery Council (FGC) is an industry association which represents the manufacturers and suppliers behind New Zealand’s food, beverage, and grocery brands.


Our members represent more than $34 billion in domestic retail sales, more than $31 billion in exports, and directly or indirectly employ about 400,000 people, or one in five people in our workforce*. The $31 billion in exports was 72 per cent of New Zealand's total merchandise exports in 2014 to 195 countries.

Food and beverage manufacturing is the largest manufacturing sector in New Zealand, representing 44% of total manufacturing income.


FGC is currently headed by Chief Executive Officer Katherine Rich.

FGC promotes the role the industry plays in the health and nutrition of New Zealanders in making better diet and lifestyle choices. It advocates on issues of concern and interest to the industry, and acts as a forum to discuss and pursue those issues.

FGC makes representations to the Government FGC makes representations to the Government, the retailers and other relevant organisations on matters that affect the industry, and liaises with government departments on food legislation, trade practices, and environmental issues, working where needed with a range of stakeholders, including from the fast-moving consumer goods industry and NGOs. 

FGC at all times promotes the facts about safe food and good nutrition using an evidence-based approach.

*Coriolis Research, 2014


The FGC office is in Wellington where close working relationships with relevant government departments are maintained.

  • FGC's activities are overseen by a Board of Management. 

  • Specific issues are addressed by Membership Services, Industry Relations, and Health & Technical working groups. All member companies may nominate representatives to these working groups. Special-interest working groups are established from time to time to address specific topics.

  • The Chief Executive Officer oversees day-to-day administration of FGC.

  • FGC's activities are conveyed to members in regular newsletters and circulars.

Members meet formally twice each year at:

  • The Half Yearly Meeting and AGM held in Auckland in April/May.
  • The Annual Conference held in October/November.

These meetings provide useful forums to discuss issues of interest and concern.


The Board of Management

 Chair                         Vice-Chairs


Tim                                      Scott                     
Deane                                MacKay                  

Goodman Fielder                RFC              


Immediate Past Chair


Veronique Cremades, Nestle NZ Ltd




 Gerry Lynch

Mars NZ Ltd





Mike Pretty

Heinz Wattie's Ltd



Shane Webbyjpeg

Twin Agencies Ltd





FGC Objectives

The objectives of FGC include:

    • To conserve, promote, and advance the interests of manufacturers and suppliers of food and non-food products sold by the grocery trade.

    • To liaise with government departments, statutory bodies, and other people and organisations in promoting the interests of members.

    • To disseminate information affecting or of interest to members.



  • Provides a forum to discuss issues of concern and interest to the industry.

  • Makes representations to government and other relevant organisations on matters that affect the industry. FGC regularly liaises with departments such as the Ministry for Primary Industries, and the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (combining the functions of the former Ministries of Economic Development, Science and Innovation, and the Departments of Labour, and Building and Housing), the Ministries of Consumer Affairs, Environment, Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Health on issues such as food legislation, trade practices and environmental issues.

  • Presents submissions on legislation and government reports on issues that have implications for the industry. 

  • Liaises with other sectors of the trade.

  • FGC pursues issues of common concern on members' behalf. It acts as secretariat for the Food Industry Forum, which comprises a representative from each sector of the food industry, and has representation on the boards of GS1NZ and ECR Australasia.

FGC has a close working relationship with other organisations where there is a commonality of interest, including:

  • Australian Food & Grocery Council
  • NZ Retailers Association
  • Grocery Manufacturers of America
  • International Association of Food & Grocery Manufacturers
  • The Packaging Council of New Zealand
  • Business New Zealand 
  • UK Food & Drink Federation

Industry Codes of Practice are drafted as and when necessary. These Codes include, for example, product recall, coupons, merchandisers, packaging and environmental claims.